When you hire the amazing musical talent of the Zin String Quartet to perform at your special event, you get much more than the finest string ensemble in the Toledo area. 

You get four musicians who work together in the Toledo Symphony Orchestra, the region's premier musical organization, and have played together in a string quartet since 2003.

You get seventy years of combined experience playing at special events in a dozen countries throughout the globe.

You get the adaptability of seasoned professionals who have seen and heard it all...and know how to come up with the musical touches that will make each event seem like it had its own specially designed soundtrack.

Taste   ~  Elegance  ~  Refinement

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David Dyer
Renee Goubeaux
Merwin Siu
Cheryl Trace
An original program of music and verse about two brilliant, talented men — Albert Einstein and Wolfgang Mozart — performed yesterday by New York poet Kate Light and Toledo’s Zin String Quartet had its own touch of brilliance.

This second program in Chamber Music Toledo’s inaugural season tempered winter drizzle outside with glowing creativity and sparkling performance inside the Maumee Indoor Theater. ...

Instead of poetry set to music, it was poetry juxtaposed with movements of Mozart’s 1783 d minor quartet K. 421, and, after intermission, the 1790 opus in F Major, K. 590.

Both pieces were performed with charm, wit, and great ensemble sensitivity by violinists Merwin Siu and David Dyer, violist Cheryl Trace, and cellist Renee Goubeaux.

Especially in the second half, after the audience was asked to hold all applause, the flow between words and music emerged in all its imaginativeness. While Light’s text was not written with a particular Mozart quartet in mind, the two seemed a particularly felicitous match. Both works reminded of how deceptively simple the composer’s music can seem, until one is drawn into its internal workings. ...

The Maumee theater stage, set as a live hall, offered a pleasant backdrop for the performance. Its excellent acoustics enhanced the Zin Quartet’s playing, making the most of subtle dynamic changes and delicate articulation in each movement.

An audience of about 75 gave the performers a standing ovation. Seen among the crowd were several local poets.

How wonderful it would be to have a recording of this work – something Light said hasn’t happened since she created it in 2006 on commission by the Colorado Chamber Players.

The Zin Quartet performed Mozart live alongside award-winning poet Kate Light at Maumee's Historic Indoor Theatre.  

This concert was reviewed in the Toledo Blade on January 7, 2008.  Here is an excerpt from the review written by Blade Music Critic Sally Vallongo.
ZIN Quartet Concert Review

It's a busy autumn for the members of the Zin Quartet!

Zin appears on the ADJective New Music Series on November 10, 2013, performing works by Alan Silverman and Astor Piazzolla at the Ohio Theatre. 

Zin is joined by guest violist Tim Zeithamel on the St. Tim's Discovers series at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church in Perrysburg on November 17, 2013.  Quintets by Mozart and Brahms promise for an exceptional afternoon of music-making.

In addition, violinists Merwin Siu and Cheryl Trace will be appearing on the Toledo Symphony's Chamber Series on November 3, 2013 at the Toledo Club, performing the fifth quartet of distinguished Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer.   Siu will be joining Toledo Symphony concertmaster Kirk Toth as the soloist on the Toledo Symphony's Classic Series.  Siu and Toth will be performing Vivaldi's Four Seasons as well as Piazzolla's Four Seasons in Buenos Aires.  For information on these concerts, please check out the Toledo Symphony's website at http://www.toledosymphony.com.

Thank to all of our brides and grooms for a memorable summer of 2013!

Dates are already filling up quickly for the summer of 2014.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!
ZIN - In Concert
ZIN - On Film
Are you looking for a little cinematic flair for your upcoming special event?

If you saw the blockbuster film Marvel's The Avengers in the summer of 2012, you may have seen Zin Quartet musicians Merwin Siu and Renee Goubeaux on the big screen! 

Now available on DVD and Blu-Ray, the movie features Merwin and Renee alongside frequent Zin collaborators Jennifer Burns and Timothy Zeithamel in a scene that purports to be in Stuttgart, Germany.  Actually filmed in Cleveland, Ohio, the scene involves Loki crashing a museum gala at which the four musicians are performing music by Franz Schubert. 

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